Under the Sardinia Sun with Augustine

Under the Sardinia Sun with Augustine

Sardinia Italy, Olbia,


Sardinia, an island that allows you to truly experience the essence of Mediterranean life. We touched down in our new favorite Italian beach destination. Although, Sardinia is much more than beautiful beaches, turquoise seas and fascinating rock formations. 

Living between southern Italy & the United States, we were excited to have time for a European summer vacation. Living an hour north of Naples gives us easy access to iconic destinations like the Amalfi Coast, and the island of Capri. 

However, this year we wanted to leave the crowd of tourists behind. We took a quick flight from Naples to Olbia (OLB), the north eastern part of Sardinia. 

We walked out of the airport, picked up our rental car, and took the 2 hour drive down to Cala Gonone. A stunning ancient landmark town, just north of the Baunei coastline. 

For under 100 dollars a night with panoramic views of the Gulf of Orosei, Hotel L'Oasi  was everything!! From the large clean rooms and great air conditioning to spectacular breakfast, beautiful architecture, and easy access into town (if you’re able to climb lots of stairs that is). We highly recommend staying at Hotel L’Oasi if you plan on visiting Cala Gonone.
sardina italy, cala gonone


Day 2 

We headed to Cala Fuili! Our favorite beach in the area that you can (almost) reach by car. A short hike to the stunning blue waters and pebbled shore. A little something for everyone here, hiking, rock climbing, snorkeling and boating!  


Sardinia Italy, Cala Gonone, cala fuili
Cala Fuili, Cala Gonone, Sardinia Italy


We saw so many rock climbers at this beach! The people watching was no doubt a 10/10




Day 3 

We woke up bright and early for our boat rental to explore the Baunei Coastline. We booked through Dolmen boat rentals right at the marina in town. You do not need a license to rent a boat in Sardinia. 

We spent the whole day exploring and creating content for Augustine’s new straw hats. 


Cala Gonone, Sardinia Italy, Cala GoloritzèCala Gonone, Sardinia Italy, Cala Goloritzè
Not only was the coastline breathtaking, the water was such a rich blue it looked like it was glowing under the sun. Once you get closer to shore it turns into that light dreamy blue!



Day 4 & 5

Hello Golfo Aranci! 

After a couple days of nonstop exploring and adventures, we headed north. Time to spend a couple days relaxing before flying back to Naples. 

The beach clubs in Italy are one of my favorite things about Summer in Europe. When it comes to relaxation, they do it right. For around 25 euros a day, you can rent an umbrella and two-day beds. They have food and drink service, delivered right to your chair!


Sardinia Italy, Olbia, Golfo AranciSardinia Italy, Olbia, Golfo Aranci



This turned out to be the picture-perfect location to reset and shoot some more of Augustine’s Summer 2023 products

Naples may have invented pizza, but Sapore 53, had the best pizza of my life! I ordered the Mediterranean pizza. 
sardinia italy food, pizza

It's safe to say Sardinia was an amazing experience for us! It's a diverse island with endless options on how to spend your holiday. 

While Sardinia can be a hot tourist destination, we had stress free driving, no issues with finding parking and sought-after places were not overcrowded, like other popular parts of Italy. We returned home feeling refreshed, not like we needed another vacation to recover from our trip. Bringing my brand Augustine Hat Co. along with us, was an absolute dream come true for a small business owner like myself!

Cala Gonone, Sardinia Italy, Cala Goloritzè
Cala Gonone, Sardinia Italy, Cala GoloritzèCala Gonone, Sardinia Italy, Cala Goloritzè
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