What's the ish with Ischia

What's the ish with Ischia

Often overlooked by the smaller, chic, celebrity hot spot island of Capri, the Gulf of Naples is home to the island of Ischia!!

After finding out our European Summer was going to be cut short due to some schedule changes, we decided to seek out a destination to get our fix, even though it was early in the season. So why Ischia?

Ischia has drawn visitors in for years. Whether it’s to explore the unique Aragonese Castle, relax in the healing thermal waters, sunbathe on a sandy beach (which the popular destinations of the Amalfi Coast & Capri have a lack of), wonder the stunning gardens, hiking the mountainous landscape, and have an overall more authentic Italian experience. This made Ischia the perfect destination for our early season Augustine Summer photoshoot before heading back to the states. Just over an hour's train ride south from our apartment we arrived in Naples to board our one hour ferry.




Upon arriving, starving I may add, we stopped at the first place we saw to eat. This isn't a good idea if you want to avoid getting sucked into a tourist trap, especially by a port. To our surprise, we’ll let the photos below speak for themselves

Ischia Italy food, Italian food pizzaIschia Italy pizza, Italian food
Once we were full & happy. We checked into the stunning Ischia Blu Resort. This newly renovated 5 star resort. It's a unique waterfront property sits in its own private cove. Walkable from the port & to town. One of our favorite stays to date, and being early in the season we had a great price. 10/10 experience for us! 
ischia blu, ischia hotel, Italian islandIschia hotel, italy resort, island
despite the cloudy weather their private patio was perfect for grabbing some shots of our 'Isla'
We explored the ancient streets, had slow mornings sipping cappuccinos, biked around the island, watched the locals prepare for the upcoming Summer season. Truly enjoyed our short time on the island, so much in fact we voted Ischia over Capri. 
Ischia Italy Cafe
My favorite part about Ischia is that it doesn't feel like it exists strictly for tourism. It's a place Italians come to relax and live the "dolce far niente" lifestyle. 
Along with that, Ischia is a great place to come if you're in Italy during the early or late season, when you aren't guaranteed a beach day. The thermal parks open April- late Oct, so you're able to experience the natural warm healing waters Ischia is said to have, even when the weather cools down. You could spend days here exploring all the different towns & diverse activities the island has to offer.
Almost forgot to mention your money goes way further in Ischia than some other popular destinations!
Ischia bucket list 
Dinner with a view of the Castle 
Rent a beach chair at Club Scannella
Spend the day at Negombo or Griardini Poseidon Terme 
Have lunch in Sant'Angelo 
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